The Legend Continues

[Trans] Shinhwa XI “The Classic” album introduction

24 March 1998, the start of all everything…
and today, 15 years later.
Now, chapter II of “Shinhwa” has started!!! 

"Classic", which is chosen as something that transcends time, and will always be "the best"!!
May 2013,
from now on, Shinhwa is “CLASSIC”!!!

Breaking their 4 year break last year and returning as “Shinhwa”, Eric, Minwoo, Hyesung, Dongwan, Junjin and
Andy had a successful comeback while showing what “perfection” is, to the extent that the time that passed pales in comparison.

Since their debut, they have constantly shown powerful and stylish performances that is possible because it is “Shinhwa”, and had captured the hearts of the general public. Translation by malpabo tumblr com. If, up till the point they gathered together after 4 years and had a successful comeback, that was the “chapter 1” that “only one Shinhwa”, which no one can copy, had shown, the 11th album that will go on sale on 16th May, will become the first step of “chapter II”, that lets it be known what “Shinhwa” can show.

In particular, along with their 15th anniversary, they held their “Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert” last March, and with its successful end, it becomes a meaningful occasion which, together with fans, commemorates the start of a 2013 that is exceptionally special to Shinhwa.

And presenting the 11th album [The Classic].

Just like what Eric said, “what has been around for a long time is not old and we will show what a ‘masterpiece’ that gains even more recognition as time passes by is”, as a “classic” Shinhwa, and of the highest quality, an album that contains masterpieces that  represents Shinhwa is released.

Shinhwa’s 11th album [The Classic] has the participation of Britain’s top music team, Andrew Jackson team, who composed last year’s 10th album title song “Venus” and led Shinhwa to a successful return, Sweden’s number 1 composer Samuel Waermo and Robert Vadadi, who composed hit songs for international singers like Bon Jovi, Arashi etc, Kim Dohyun, who made Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes”, Ahn Youngmi, who composed Shin Hyesung’s 4th full album title song “Tick Tock Tick Tock” etc, Brian Kim, who composed Shinhwa’s “Once In A Lifetime”, Andrew Choi, who was in the top 3 of SBS “Kpop Star 2” and remembered as great composer, etc, and is, in the real sense of the word, a product where top musicians internationally and domestically participated in and has a high level of completion.

On the other hand, “This Love" is a song that went through a tough battle up till the end before emerging as the title song for the 11th album.

The lyrics were penned by Shinhwa’s 8th album title song “Once In A Lifetime’s” composer Brian Kim, and is “the best ever dance track” gifted by British composer Andrew Jackson, who composed the 10th album’s title song “Venus”, and producer Lee McCutcheon.

"This Love", of the electronic genre, starts of with a dreamy feeling while presenting a trendy beat, and is a song that shows an abundant passion towards “love”, where one lives everyday in order to win “this love” and continuously dreams of love.

In particular, after composer Andrew Jackson’s team gifted “Venus” to Shinhwa last year, they fell in love with Shinhwa’s music and sent a love call first for this album through "This Love", and showed his enthusiasm by personally participating in the mixing at the end, resulting in the birth of a classic song.

A title song that came about like that plus in this album, Shinhwa not only worked with composers that they have always worked with, they have also worked with rookie composers who are participating in Shinhwa’s album for the first time, and have worked hard to add in new colours of Shinhwa, while not losing their usual musical colours.

On top of that, member Lee Minwoo personally participated in writing the lyrics for a total of 4 songs, “That’s Right”, “Hurricane”, “New Me”, and “I Gave You”, while Eric was in-charge of writing and producing all the raps for the whole album. Translation by malpabo tumblr com. It is a product that all the composers and Shinhwa members gave their all, in terms of musical capabilities and skills, in order to create the best and the coolest album.

Also, this album, apart from the songs, with Korea’s top photographer Jo Seonhee participating in the album jacket, and music video director Jo Soohyeon, who worked on Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, “Gentleman”, Girls Generation’s “Gee”, SHINee’s “Why So Serious” etc, this album is, in every sense of the word, full of things to listen, see, and enjoy, and will, for a long time, be recognized as a representative “masterpiece album” of Shinhwa’s.

16 May 2013. Shinhwa Chapter II [The Classic]
Continuing the Shinhwa (legend) with Shinhwa, you will meet with the best album that leaves behind the strongest impression ever in Shinhwa’s history.

sr: Shinhwa Company website
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