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[News] Eric’s representative, ” ‘Trot’s Lover’, only received proposal, never had discussions”

As reports surface of group Shinhwa’s Eric having discussions to appear in new KBS 2TV’s Mon-Tues drama “Trot’s Lover”, Eric’s represntatives have said, “We’ve only received the script, and have yet to hold any discussions.”

In a phone call with OSEN on the morning of the 19th, Eric’s representative said, “We’ve only received the script, and never had any detailed discussions related to the drama.”

Adding on, “Because there has been no details discussed, there has been no decision made on whether to appear in it or not.”

*omit details on the drama*

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[News] Eric, first comeback to TV in 3 years through “Trot’s Lover”?

Singer cum actor Eric is in discussions to return to TV for the first time in 3 years.

Eric has received the proposal to act in KBS 2TV’s new Mon-Tues drama “Trot’s Lover”, scheduled to air in June after “Big Man”, and is in the midst of negotiating details such as character etc.

If his appearance is confirmed, it will be his return to drama 3 years after KBS 2TV’s “Spy Myungwol” in 2011.

"Trot’s Lover" is a drama about a female in her 20’s with a talent for trot who meets a genius composer and grows into a trot singer.

In the show, Eric will be a trot artist in the best agency in the country, who is both musically-inclined and popular but has a difficult personality, and is the male lead in the drama.

After continuously airing dramas of a heavy genre, such as “Beyond the Clouds/Full Sun”, “Golden Cross”, and “Big Man”, KBS is planning a change with the airing of rom-com “Trot’s Lover.”

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Eric hyung came today ♡
- 2014-04-17 Teampoma MMA Facebooktranslation by

Eric hyung came today 

- 2014-04-17 Teampoma MMA Facebook
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sr: Park Sangjun facebook

sr: Park Sangjun facebook

Shin Hye and
Im Dae and
Lee Ji.
An enjoyable rounding.
An enjoyable healing time in a long while

- 2014-04-14 Lee Jihoon Facebook update
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Shin Hye and
Im Dae and
Lee Ji.
An enjoyable rounding.
An enjoyable healing time in a long while

- 2014-04-14 Lee Jihoon Facebook update
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[Trans] Shinhwa Concert Video Filming: Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold but fun filming

It was a really cold day that day.
It was cold to the extent you wanted to cut off your toes.

Was it colder because it was in the mountains?
However, though it was cold and even colder
laughter couldn’t stop

Ah, a daebak happening

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LA is indeed (the place for) healing!!
- 2014-04-10 Minwoo Facebook update translation by

[News] Andy reps, “China fanmeeting, although fans have requested but nothing is fixed”

Group Shinhwa’s Andy’s representative have dismissed news of Andy’s China fanmeeting, saying that nothing is fixed.

On the 9th, a representative from Andy’s agency, TOP Media, in a call with Xsportsnews, said, “On Andy’s China fanmeeting, we have only replied that we’ll ‘think about it’ after local fans requested for one to be hosted.”

The representative stressed that, “The date, time, place etc, nothing has been fixed. Also, the fanmeeting poster being spread around on SNS was made by fans. Nothing has been made officially by the agency.” 

Previously, Andy’s fanmeeting poster was released on China’s Weibo etc, and received attention from the fans. Andy made a brief appearance at the end of Shinhwa’s concert last month, and only conveyed his apologies to the fans, and has not had any official activities.

Last November, Andy was fined and summarily indicted after police investigated his participation in illegal sports betting and has been spending time self-reflecting.

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[Trans] Full official statement from Shinhwa Company on Eric-Na Hyemi

Hello. This is Shinhwa Company.

We’ll be conveying our official stance regarding Shinhwa member Eric’s relationship rumours reported today.

Firstly, we ask for understanding for the delay as we had to confirm a clear stance from both parties.

And we also apologize for expressing an official stance that is different from what was previously reported following confirmation.

We have determined that there were some internal confusion in communication while conveying the stance that Eric and Na Hyemi have maintained a vague closeness. 

After personally confirming with both parties, we have confirmed that they have not dated and currently continue to remain as close sunbae-hoobaes in the entertainment industry, and as close oppa-dongsaeng. 

Hence, we officially clarify that Eric and Na Hyemi have not dated.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for the delay in conveying our official stance as well as the confusion caused from the report.

Thank you.

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[News] Eric reps deny relationship, “Close sunbae-hoobae relationship with Na Hyemi”

On the morning of the 9th, the Internet was heated up with news of Eric and Na Hyemi dating. On this, the agency expressed an ambiguous stance, saying “It is true they dated”, and “They’ve dated for a long time and broken up and dated repeatedly, we’ll reveal their true current status later.”

Following that, it was like Eric and Na Hyemi’s relationship was “true” to a certain extent. However, around 8pm on the 9th, Eric’s agency, Shinhwa Company belatedly denied the relationship through a press release, saying “They are close sunbae-hoobaes.”

Shinhwa Company said, “We ask for understanding regarding the delay in expressing a clear stance as we had to confirm with both parties,” adding, “And we also apologize for causing confusion for releasing an official statement that was different from what was previously reported.”

Continuing on, “Eric and Na Hyemi has maintained a vague closeness and we have determined that there was some confusion while conveying that,” and revealed, “After personally confirming with the parties involved, they are not in a relationship.” Even so, “They are still getting along as close sunbae-hoobaes in the entertainment industry, as close oppa-dongsaeng.”

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