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Everyone knows Dongwan is preparing for his return as “Deng-dwig” in Hedwig right? He’ll be back soon!

- 2014-07-23 Song Hansaem Twitter update
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Everyone knows Dongwan is preparing for his return as “Deng-dwig” in Hedwig right? He’ll be back soon!

- 2014-07-23 Song Hansaem Twitter update
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Losing weight…the loneliness of self-discipline - -;; Hwangssabu’s exercise philosophy ^^

Sang Chan Hwang: I see you’ve gotten more handsome~^^♡
Minwoo: @SangChanHwang Ssabu! is even more handsome. Handsome YG muscle man^^

- 2014-07-21 Minwoo Facebook update
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Our actor Mun, they say he got ditched by Jung Yoomi..
This~ ㅠㅠ
Real romance drama you sympathize with <Discovery of Romance> image spot revealed!!

- 2014-07-20 E&J Ent Twitter update
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#best#friend#think#coffee#의리 (loyalty)
- 2014-07-19 Minwoo instagram update

#best#friend#think#coffee#의리 (loyalty)

- 2014-07-19 Minwoo instagram update

TGIF together with Dancing9 Season2~ ^^ I guarantee, Red Wings is love ♥ Hope you tune in tonight 11pm~
- 2014-07-18 Minwoo Facebook updatetranslation by

TGIF together with Dancing9 Season2~ ^^ I guarantee, Red Wings is love ♥ Hope you tune in tonight 11pm~

- 2014-07-18 Minwoo Facebook update
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[Trans] 140718 Minwoo’s autograph for No Eunhee’s book

Teacher No Eunhee,
Masterpiece lecturing!! Fighting~

Like how a masterpiece isn’t simply created…
I hope Director’s masterpiece lecturing that is ingrained with depth
through effort and love over a long period of time
will shine even brighter.

sr: No Eunhee naver blog
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[Trans] Junjin Live Talk concert - Switch On The Green Light with Junjin!

All about Junjin! A concert for Junjin to move forward
Fancy performances and talk that make you laugh out loud exploding at the same time!
Held at Daeyang Hall, Sejong University on 17 August!

Last year, Junjin created a sensation when he held his first solo concert in 4 years, <Junjin Live Talk - 34 years old, between Junjin and Choongjae>, and he returns to the fans a year later. Creating a record of selling out all seats in 30 seconds, Junjin showed the dignity of original idols and, feeling encouraged by the enthusiastic response, he decided to have a concert with the fans every year. This year’s <Junjin Live Talk Concert> is expected to make known the start of a meaningful journey. He recently dominated China with his active promotions and was unable to meet domestic fans as often as previously, so, news of his concert has fans eagerly anticipating the concert.

Held at Daeyang Hall, Sejong University on 17 August, this concert is being prepared as an all-inclusive present set on Junjin. The performances that goes along with Junjin’s hit songs will be put up with choreography personally created by Junjin, creating anticipation on the new performances that he has not shown all these while. On top of that, Junjin’s trademark fancy talking skills is also a focal point of the concert. The talk show in <Junjin Live Talk - 34 years old, Between Junjin and Choongjae> that made fans laugh out loud has been further upgraded, and even includes a surprise event for the fans. Furthermore, Junjin is personally in-charge of this concert’s planning and direction, so it will be a special performance that has never been seen before in other concerts.

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Hyesung: A night where Hyesung shines. Hello, this is DJ Shin Hyesung of A Night Where Hyesung Shines.

Hyesung: Today, we’ve brought in special guests. Alright, please introduce yourselves.
Junjin/Minwoo: Hello, we’re Shinhwa!
Minwoo/”Dongwan”: Hello, I’m Dongwan. Pleased to meet you.
Junjin: Hello, I’m Junjin. Pleased to meet you.
Minwoo: Hello, I’m Minwoo. Pleased to meet you.
Hyesung: Oh? It’s clearly 2 people next to me but 3 people said hi.
"Dongwan": What nonsense are you talking about!
Hyesung: Ah, yes.
Junjin: You shouldn’t be saying that. I’m very honoured to appear in A Night Where Hyesung Shines. Also, I’m here to give my congratulations as I heard Hyesung will soon be releasing a new single.
Minwoo: That’s right. Everyone might be surprised but Hyesung really shines at night. 
Junjin: Of course.
Minwoo: Yeah, you don’t sleep at night right?
Junjin/Minwoo: HAHAHAHA
Junjin: You made a really funny joke.
Minwoo: Hyesung, today, I hope you’ll really become famous as the DJ of A Night Where Hyesung Shines.
Junjin: From what I heard, starting from July, you would release a song every month. 
Hyesung: Yes.
Junjin: There’s “Buen Camino” that you sang with senior Kang Susie previously. And also, “Doll” that Lee Minwoo likes.
Minwoo: Yes, “Doll”. You sang it with Lee Jihoon. I’d like to hear Lee Jihoon singing it alone. 
Junjin: That might be released too.
Hyesung: Why are you here?
Junjin: And also, “Love…After”. You’ve really done a lot.
Hyesung: Yes. Anyway, you’re here to congratulate me right?
Minwoo: Of course! If it isn’t for that..
Junjin: With a congratulatory heart..
Minwoo: If it isn’t for that~
Hyesung: Dongwan, say something too. 
"Dongwan": Yes. Hello~
Junjin: We’re almost ending already and you’re saying hi?
"Dongwan": I love you~
Hyesung: Yes, because Dongwan is a little sick…
Junjin: I hope, through this single, Shin Hyesung will be even more daebak. 
Junjin: I mean, even though he was already daebak before that,…
Minwoo: Hyesung is single now.
Hyesung: Really, it’s a mess. Anyway, both of you, ah, 3 of you…
Junjin: Yes, 3 of us.
Hyesung: Thank you for coming.
Junjin: Just now, Andy and Eric also sent their congratulations and apologies that they couldn’t come because of drama filming. 
Hyesung: What do you mean..
Junjin: They should be here but because they can’t, so they’re sorry. 
Hyesung: Anyway, thanks to all 3 of you. Yes, well, Junjin…
Junjin: What?
Hyesung/Junjin/Minwoo: HAHAHAHAHA
Hyesung: Say goodbye or ..
Junjin: Ah, “Everyone, goodbye. Shin Hyesung, fighting!”
Hyesung: Ah, this time round my..
Minwoo: 1, 2, 3!
Hyesung: AH! Hold on! The pr…project name is “Once Again”. Something like “Once Again fighting”?
Minwoo: One more time then?
Junjin: “Shin Hyesung fighting. Once again, fighting.” Alright, we’ll be saying our goodbyes here. Shin Hyesung! (Minwoo: Shin Hyesung’s once again) Ah, no. Ok, “Shin Hyesung fighting. Once again, fighting”. Yes, everyone, we’ll be.. ahem..
Minwoo: Everyone, we’ll be saying our goodbyes.
Junjin/Minwoo: Shin Hyesung, fighting! Once in again/Once again, fighting!
Minwoo: It’s “Once again!”
Junjin: Once for again! HAHA, Once of a time…
Hyesung: Everyone, goodnight.

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 D-33 &#8220;Discovery of Romance&#8221; It&#8217;s raining t this place, Yeonhwa-do~
Taeha &amp; Yeoreum are still hard at work filming despite the rain

- 2014-07-16&#160;E&amp;J Ent twitter update
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D-33 “Discovery of Romance” It’s raining t this place, Yeonhwa-do~
Taeha & Yeoreum are still hard at work filming despite the rain

- 2014-07-16 E&J Ent twitter update
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Hyesung: A night where Hyesung shines. Hello, this is DJ Shin Hyesung of A Night Where Hyesung Shines. The song that starts off “Once Again” is Buen Camino, the song from my first solo album “Love Of May”. The original song was a duet I sang with senior Kang Susie. This time, I worked with Lyn, whom everyone really likes.

Hyesung: Sejin ah.
Lyn: Who is it?
Hyesung: Good morning.
Lyn: AH!! Hello.
Hyesung: Wah, Bride-to-be! Bride-to-be.
Lyn: Aigoo…

Hyesung: Because it wasn’t a title song, it’s a song the general public doesn’t really know about. Personally, I really love the…it’s a little shameless to be saying this myself, but amongst the songs I’ve sung up till now, it’s a classic song, haha, that I really cherish a lot. 

Hyesung: I’ll listen to it once. I’m really sorry. Haha. I think you can take a breath here. Lyn ah, calm down! It’s ok.
Lyn: I’m going crazy! I’ll do it again.
Hyesung: It’s alright, you can do it. I’ll listen to it once. Wow!

Hyesung: Today, I have a special guest next to me. Lyn, Sejin, you’ve participated in the first song of my project. Thank you.
Lyn: Ay, thank you.
Hyesung: We worked together on ‘Buen Camino’. How was it? Recording is done.
Lyn: This is a song that I’ve liked a lot since the past. When sunbaenim (Hyesung) contacted me and asked if I’d like to sing this song with you, I was really happy. Because it’s a song I cherished, and was also in Shin Hyesung’s album, and Oppa and I match quite well. I’m really very happy you thought of me as the first parter (to work with).
Hyesung: Actually, when I first started on this project, I thought a lot over who I should sing the first song with. During the time I was a singer, the person I sang a duet with the most was…
Lyn: That’s right.
Hyesung: Lyn. That’s why I’m most comfortable with you, and for various reasons, I thought you’d be the best choice. But recently, you’re quite busy. You’re a new bride aren’t you? You’re quite busy, but you readily accepted, saying it’s a song you really like. So I’m very thankful. The recording is over and everyone, really, you should look forward to it. Listen to the original song, then listen to this version, and you’ll really be able to feel the difference.
Lyn: It was a song that senior Kang Susie sang very femininely, very prettily, because she has a pretty voice. I wanted to sing it more jazzy. But I was worried it wouldn’t fit very well with Oppa, so I sang it by mixing a few styles. And, honestly, this is a genre I really like, bossa nova. When the rearrangement arrived, the piano sound at the start captured my heart. Although this is a song unrelated to the weather, I thought you would be able to think about people you’ve missed, people who’ve left, on a summer’s night, while having a drink. I liked the arrangement as well, so I worked hard during recording.
Hyesung: I’m glad you liked it.
Lyn: Yeah, well, when we sing a song, although this happened in the past, we always topped charts didn’t we?
Hyesung: Yeah.
Lyn: We didn’t even expect it!
Hyesung: Haha!
Lyn: Right? We were shocked weren’t we.
Hyesung: Ah, if you say that, and this song didn’t top charts, then what are we to do. We’ll be in trouble.
Lyn: Ay~ it’s number 1 in my heart! It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.
Hyesung: However it performs, the process of creating this song itself was good.
Lyn: Thank you for calling me.

Hyesung: Everyone, it’s worth anticipating it. Alrght then, everyone, see you next time.

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